The Covington Group was initiated in October of 1990 with a commercial printing division. Today, our philosophies and strategies are much the same as they were from the beginning. We plan, manage and are ultimately responsible for a wide range of commercial printing and trade publications.

We also offer a variety of special warehousing and distribution services. We store your inventory at our facility and then distribute the correct quantity to the location you want.

We are supported by seasoned account executives, creative designers, talented copywriters and pre-press technicians.


Our print quality is never compromised. We realize the quality of our work is the backbone of our business and employ only the best people in the print industry. Our equipment is up-to-date, and maintained with strict quality control. We have taken every step to ensure our products and services are always of outstanding quality.

We have the flexibility to handle range of jobs, small to large, complex or straightforward, while remaining competitve on price. Binding options for virtually any project. Controlled by us we move your job swiftly through the process.

Our team of print professionals are dedicated to quality and efficiency. We believe that technology, efficient management, and service are our keys to success.

From single color to full color printing, The Covington Group does it all. You're just one click away from receiving all the information you'll need to place your printing trust with us.