Queue, Inc. – Steve Perrett

I am writing to give my most wholehearted recommendation to John and Bob Audley and all the good people at Covington Group.

Queue, Inc. has been a publisher of educational materials since 1980. Covington Group has been our go-to printer since 2001, when we began publishing test preparation workbooks.

Not only have they produced soft-cover workbooks and full-color catalogues of the highest quality, they have consistently delivered on time, and accommodated our rush requests, which have been more numerous than I care to admit.

Cost has always been an issue for us, and Covington Group has been as economical a vendor to work with as any I've found.

Covington has provided several collateral services for us over the years as well. We have warehoused inventory with them when we were unable to store books ourselves. The fulfillment service has been most prompt and efficient.

I can't say enough about the helpfulness of their prepress department as we've encountered technical problems in the process of putting books and catalogues together.

And a service that's not advertised, but has come into play many times over the years: between John and others who check our projects before sending them to press, plenty of our errors have been caught and eliminated before being committed to the page.

I recommend Covington Group without reservation.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) – Michael V. Earle, Communications Manager:

"I wanted to take a minute to commend the Covington Group for the fine job it is doing with our records books.

We are exremely pleased with the quick turnaround and print quality of the books – particularly the halftone reproduction in the text. Your assistance and guidance is getting the books distributed directly is also appreciated.

As we have found in our many dealings with the Covington Group over the years, the attention to detail and diligence your staff provides in servicing the NCAA account is second to none."

ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) – Kate Farrell, Director of Marketing:

"The Covington Group of Kansas City has been our global association's exclusive provider of end-to-end publishing needs since March 1999. Covington has delivered excellent service through all phases – design through mailing – of the publishing process. Both ACTE and Covington view our relationship as a partnership.

They have demonstrated their partnering in significant ways from working weekends to meed our deadlines to finding resources for our website maintenance and an editorial manager for our Quarterly magazine. In addition to our Quarterly magazine, the Covington Group also publishes ACTE's monthly newsletter, all collateral for two annual conference as well as registration material, and an annual membership directory. Covington also coordinates the mailing of these materials to our global membership of 2,500"

O'Neill Communications – Pat O'Neill

"I am compelled to write this letter as testament to the exceptional effort and personalized service the Covington Group provides each and every time we do business.

Your professionalism and tirelessness were huge factors in the printing and publication – and subsequent success – of my book, 'From the Bottom Up, the story of the Irish in Kansas City'."

CMIC (Creative Marketing Intl. Corp) – Rob Edwards, Director of Advertising

"As a customer for over 10 years, I am writing in regards to the outstanding service we have received from the Covington Group.

From occasional brochures to a two-color tabliod, and currently a four-color monthly magazine, the Covington Group has consistently helped up produce quality products. In addition, their dedication has at times allowed up to meed deadlines, even when we were late submitting a job.Our service representative, John Audley, is irreplaceable in his role as liaison and adivsor.

A few years ago, the Covington Group was instrumental in helping us produce an image piece for our company. We are still seeing results from this piece totday. Their standard of excellence has paid off for Creavie Marketing."

Rockhurst University – Rosita Elizalde-McCoy, Executive Director:

"This is in thanks you for the good work you have done with us during the past year and to let you know that your efforts have earned the Covington Group a place on our short list of preferred vendors for print production.

Following are the standards set by the office of Public Relations and Marketing for Rockhurst University, by which all service to this department is measured:

• Ethical business practices
• Professional and responsive sales representatives
• Fair pricing
• Quality work
• Delivery on deadline
• Accurate, itemized billing

We look forward to a continuing relationship with the Covington Group."

ACEP – Marta Foster

"The books arrived yesterday and I finally got to see one today. It looks terrific! That paper worked out really well.

Thanks for all your help and hard work. I really appreciate having found a great source for printing!"

Vicom Design – Dennis Meek, Creative Director

"A note of thanks is in order. As always the Covington Group came through with superior quality, in budget, and on time.

Please let all your dedicated team know of my deep appreciation for a j
ob well done. At Vicom Design, it's two thumbs up for the Covington Group. I'm looking forward to the next project."

Aerostar Owners Association – Burdella Bacon, Executive Director's Office

"Recently we had the opportunity to select a new printer for our magazine The Aerostar Log. We looked long and hard and near and far. We looked at lots of samples and reviewed multiple quotes.

Our goal was a quality product at a competitive price and of course a working relationship with people that would respond to all our questions. All of our needs were met by The Covington Group.

   • Quality product 
   • Competitive price 
   • On-time delivery 
   • Friendly, easily accessible staff 
   • Freight was priced fairly 
   • Invoiced as quoted, no surprises 

Mark McCombs is our sales representative. He and Diana Stumfoll have been very helpful and kept our publication on schedule.
We attained our goal with The Covington Group and we will be using them for all of our future printing needs.

Jay O'Brien, Creative Director

"Thanks for your top-notch effort on this MGP Annual Report project. I spoke with the client and they are more than pleased with the final product, as well as meeting their difficult deadlines. Your perseverance to make sure all was completed on time while maintaining quality truly made this job a success. Patience was stretched with the changing specs, changing deadlines, etc but you handled it in a professional manner and achieved all the goals we presented to you.

Please pass along our appreciation to Paul, Randy and the others involved with making this job a winner.