Acrobat Distiller Settings
The following screen shots settings are from Acrobat Distiller 7, but they apply to Distiller 5 to 8. There may be slight difference on selections between different Acrobat Distiller versions.


  • Select: Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) Compatibilty
  • Object Level Compression : “Off”
  • Auto-Rotate Page: “Off”
  • Select Binding: Left
  • Select Resolution: 2400
  • Select: All Pages
  • Select: Embed Thumbnails
  • Width: 612 or Width: 8.5
  • Height: 792 or Height: 11
  • Select Units: Points or Select Units: Inches


  • Color Images:
    *Select Sampling: “Bicubic Downsampling”
    *Pixels per Inch: 600
    *Select Compression: ZIP
  • Grayscale Images:
    *Select Sampling: “Bicubic Downsampling”
    *Pixels per Inch: 600
    *Select Compression: ZIP
  • Monochrome Images:
    *Select Sampling: “Off”
    *Pixels per Inch: 1800
    *Select Compression: CCITT Group 4
    *Select Anti-Alias to Gray: “Off”


  • Select: Embed All Fonts
  • Subset Embedded Fonts When Percent of Characters Used in Less Than: 100%
  • Select When Embedding Fails: Cancel Job
  • Remove All Fonts on the Always Embed and Never Embed lists




  • Select Setting File: None
  • Select Color Management Policies: Leave Color Unchanged
  • Select Document Rendering Intent: Preserve
  • All Working Spaces Options should be Grayed-Out
  • Select: Preserve Under Color Removal and Black Generation
  • Deselect: Preseve Halftone Information




  • Please Select and Deselect as per above diagram


  • Select Compliance Standard: None
  • All other options should be grayed out